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Heavy/ Premium Dishes with silicon bonded base


Heavyweight, solid, premium stainless steel dog bowls. Bonded Non-skid Rubber bottom prevents sliding. Heavy Gauge Stainless Steel is dishwasher safe. Highest Blend of Chromium for strength & Nickel for durability / finish. Inside High Gloss Finish is Easy to Clean & absord odors. Out side Matte finish resists scratches Stainless Steel Resist Bacteria, Stains, rust and breakage.

Unlike plastic bowls that may harbor bacteria or leach toxic plasticizes and colorants when they come in contact with food, These bowls are hygienic and will prove more economical in the long run when compared with plastic dishes."

Item No.: 800147, 800148, 800149, 800150, 800151, 800152

Sizes: 10 Oz., 1Pt., 1Qt., 2Qt., 3Qt., 4Qt.

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